TITLE : GIS Associate

DESCRIPTION : 1. GIS Associate will assist Assistant Manager GIS in performing his duties. 2. Support revenue staff in determining Revenue Estate boundaries 3. Scanning and Geo referencing of existing Massavis (if required). 4. Responsible for printing maps of different scales. 5. Digitization of various ground features from Satellite Imagery or Massavis. 6. Performing spatial analysis on available data and extracting useful information. 7. Coordinate closely with survey teams in collecting survey data and post processing it. 8. Primarily responsible for preparation of Massavis at the Settlement Office. 9. Verify Field Book entries with that of Massavis and survey data 10. Develop different types of maps as required by the revenue staff and senior management. 11. Maintain quality assurance and follow SOPs as defined. 12. Identifies and corrects digitized errors using topologies. 13. Perform any task assigned by the Assistant Manager GIS (Settlement Office).

Job Details
Board of Revenue / Director Land Record
Scale 16
Job Nature Project
Number of Positions 26
Merit Based Seats 26
Disabled Quota Seats 0
Miniority Quota Seats 0
Requirements & Eligibility
Gender Eligibility Both
Required Experience 1 Year
Minimum Age 22 Years
Maximum Age 35 Years
Minimum Education 16 Years
Last Apply Date 2021-09-20 00:00:00
Degrees/Qualification GIS /