TITLE : Sub Divisional Forest Officer (SDFO)

DESCRIPTION : To lead the monitoring team under the supervision and guidance of respective Monitoring Officers for monitoring of project intervention. Monitoring of plantation areas and nurseries through fixed point photography and physical verification through surveys using GPS. Providing data to MIS for respective region on details of Plantation Journals and Nursery Journals (History files) of all areas to be monitored. Preparation of data detailed Monitoring report as per field information. Assist GIS section in Development of Maps for areas monitored showing details of activities. Improve familiarity with all project activities through project documentation, field visits, and discussions with stakeholders. Determination of MIS stakeholders (all who have a role in data acquisition, processing, reporting, or use/decision making) Determination of various types of reporting content, formats, and frequency Determination and punching of various types of information to be catalogued and stored in the MIS (e.g., alphanumeric data, location, reports, photographs, videos, etc.) relating to the status and effectiveness of various project activities Design basic information flow requirements (into, within, and out of the MIS) Indicating basic additional hardware/software/dataset requirements to PMU.

Job Details
Forestry, Environment & WildeLife
Scale 17
Job Nature Project
Number of Positions 4
Merit Based Seats 4
Disabled Quota Seats 0
Miniority Quota Seats 0
Requirements & Eligibility
Gender Eligibility Both
Required Experience 0 Year
Minimum Age 21 Years
Maximum Age 32 Years
Minimum Education 16 Years
Last Apply Date 2021-06-25 23:59:59
Degrees/Qualification Forestry /